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Hi, my name is Eunju Park and I am originally from Korea. I remember saying this over and over during my year of exchange student program in the US. After having lived certain number of years, one day without knowing I started inserting the word ‘originally’ because I had another hometown that I represented.  

By now, I have two wonderful girls whose mom I am honored to be and live in Annapolis, MD with my boyfriend who introduces me to something new constantly.  Making this blog is one of them. 

Before I go any deeper in my life in the US, I would like to share my childhood story with you.​  

My Childhood in Korea

Father in Black Kendo Suit

My Father in Black Kendo Suit

My father is the master of martial arts such as Aikido and Kendo.  Yes, he still is at his age of 80. It is something like that once you are a yogi, you are a yogi for the rest of your life. Of course, he started as one of many young apprentices and never branched off to another field. Growing up with him, my day was a bit like the one of a monk practicing under a master delivering water bucket to the top of a mountain every day to just prove a point that he was well disciplined.


Me standing at the right bottom corner

My sister sitting in Aikido suit

My sister sitting on the studio floor in front of father

One of the disciplines was about my posture. We were not ‘allowed’ to slouch under any circumstances sitting at a desk or on the floor, walking or standing. He watched us like that was all he cared about for us.  Well, there was more.

He did not rely on Western drugs which were fairly new and poorly being implemented by the pharmaceutical field. He believed all those pills or capsules for the cold, for example, would intoxicate our bodies and therefore be more harmful than helpful to us in the long run.  Now thinking, he had a holistic approach to human body.  

At one point, my mom decided to have me take this powdered medicine when I was so sick that I felt a spoonful porridge in my mouth like nothing else but handful of sand. That was the only time I took medicine growing up.  My father, of course, could count using only one hand how many times he had to take medicines.

It was a taboo to eat store bought snacks including ramen which was just introduced to Korean market and was a huge hit. No artificial seasonings which were widespread then could make an entry into my mother’s cupboard. This was back in 70s when Bill Gates was in his teens. I think internet was just a fetus in someone's brain membrane. (I don't want to google this. I really respect their work tho.)

My life after I started going to school was pretty normal out of his direct radar. So it was not like I led an Amish style of life. But I had a very strong foundation with keen antennas developed to watch what I eat or basically how to take care of my body. That being said, I have been a beneficiary of the internet like many others and am very thankful for the information and knowledge at a click away. The more I get to know about anything, the bigger my desire of knowing it in more right and helpful way grows.

I would like to share...

Overall, I believe in wholesome health and watch where it could take us, in other words, what its ultimate reach is. This blog will be a place where I organize ideas and ‘things’ that will help us keep following the path of journey to the full maturity of life. Sharing is caring they say. Let’s find out together what is worth to share for our growing together and growing for each other.

This was a brief introduction to my life story.  If you would like to contact me, you can click here or email me at epark@FitBehind.com.

Sharing is Caring