Best Toddler Pillow That Kids Will Absolutely Love

Choosing the best pillow for your kid is easy if you do a little research. Plain cotton pillows are found more easily and used more often than some of the pillows I have listed below.

However, the usual way is not necessarily the right way. Sometimes something as simple as finding the best pillow for a toddler takes more research than you would think.

I had to consider what was the best pillow for my toddlers and their needs. Also, the best pillow for toddler does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Just a few clicks, a list of the top five, and you’ll find your best toddler pillow.

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1. Little Sleepy Head Soft & Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow

Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

Little Sleep Head is a small, family-owned company headed by an everyday mom.

Like many of us, she had trouble getting her children to sleep, as well as helping them remain asleep.

With two beautiful boys that kept her busy enough, Chris did not have the energy to try and force the boys to bed.

Instead of throwing her hands up, Chris did something about it and Little Sleepy Head was born.

Their Headsoft & Hypoallergenic Pillow comes with a list of quality assurances. The pillow comes with the premium quality & hypoallergenic guarantee, the love the “fluff” guarantee, and is machine washable.

If that’s not enough, consider the 100% percent cotton material, the premium polyester, and the two hundred thread count. Plus, there is a ninety day, money back guarantee, if you’re dissatisfied.

2. Toddler Pillow- Delicate & Organic Cotton Shell

Toddler Pillow - Delicate Organic Cotton Shell - Soft and Supportive Pillows for Kids, Hand-Crafted for Better Naps and a Restful, Soothing Sleep Every Time!...

The Little One’s Toddler Pillow is unique because it’s handcrafted.

With a100% certified organic cotton, this company knows what it means to be chemical free.

They don’t rely on pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and any other questionable ingredients to produce the best organic toddler pillow.

Little One’s designed this pillow with chiropractors and pediatricians in mind.

They went to the experts before releasing their product to ensure it was the best pillow for children. The size of the pillow, as well as the level of softness, were chosen with the specific needs (such as head and neck proportions) of a toddler in mind.

3. Calla Toddler Pillow-World’s Best Washable Pillow

Calla Toddler Pillow - World's Best Washable Pillows Covered in Soft Organic Cotton - 3 Year Guarantee, Hand Crafted in USA (ages 2+) For Better Naps,...

Calla Care is definitely a contender in the baby care industry.

Not only do they make some of the best pillows for toddlers, but they also make blankets, cribs, oils, and sheets.

Obviously, this company knows what they’re doing. This shows in their great product reviews.

Parent founded and managed, Calla boasts itself as having the world’s best washable and hypoallergenic filling.

With specified dimensions and levels of firmness (but not too firm), this is one of the best pillow for kids two years old and up. With this pillow, I’m sure we all will be able to get a good night’s sleep.

4. Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow

Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow With Pillowcase, White, 14x19

Dreamtown Kids LLC comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a hypoallergenic guarantee, and is proudly made in the USA.

This specific product comes with over two thousand reviews and 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Amazon.

The polyester/ cotton blend, mildew, and mold resistant material makes this one of the best pillows for kids.

And moms! With Dreamtown, we don’t have to worry about rewashing the pillow if we forget it in the washer. It saves us time and keeps our little ones safe.

5. Snuggle-Pedic Toddler & Kid’s Pillow With Bamboo Cover & Memory Foam

Snuggle-Pedic Toddler and Kids Pillow | Kool-Flow® Ultra Luxury Bamboo Cover With Shredded Memory Foam | All U.S.A. Made | Fits Children For Bed...

Memory foam has proven beneficial for adults, their comfort level, and their sleeping habits, so why not kids?

The pillow has materials and dimensions all chosen because they provide the best support for your child.

The product is made in the USA and comes with a twenty-year warranty, though I don’t think you’ll need it.


From the day they are born to long after, our children’s care is in our hands. We will stress over which brand of baby lotion will leave their skin naturally smooth and moisturized.

And, of course, we will nearly twist ourselves into a knot over what they eat-corn syrup, BPA, bleached flour?

No, thank you. But in the midst of being a mom (among the many other roles we have to play), there’s always something we overlook. For me, that something was the best baby pillow for my child.

The quality of your baby’s pillow is significant. Though it would be nice to think our little angels can sleep on anything, there are so many factors to consider. As mothers, we have to think about softness, size, material, and support.

Thankfully, we can now get all this information instantly, do our own research and find our best toddler pillow.

Here are 6 tips in putting your toddler to bed:

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